Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What can a website do for you?

You can use a website to:



- sell products to anyone around the world, night or day and offer a choice of payment methods by having an online shop (eCommerce);
- receive feedback and comments from your users.


- present vital company information to prospective clients such as business processes, pictures of your products, press releases, newsletters, bulletins and special reports;
- integrate with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook;
- advertise special offers;


- provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);
- provide technical documents for download;
- provide contact information;
- conduct online chat with clients and potential clients;
- Email anyone in the world using your company branded email address.


- save money on wages even though your business is running 24 hours, seven days a week;
- provide updated content (brochures, catalogues etc) without paying re-printing or postage costs;
- save costs on providing support;
- increase sales;
- be more efficient in your communication;
- reduce customer service and administrative costs;
- save costs on advertising – instead of paying for a large ad you can have a short ad and refer to your website;
- save on rent and other property costs while still having a shop.

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